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Piper Bear Memories....

July 18, 2013  •  1 Comment

Today we are looking back on the life of our little best friend Piper Bear Schutz and remembering the joy he gave us for so many years. It is not easy thinking about what today holds and what will be lost. But feel in my heart what will be gained is a sense of knowing we did our best for Piper and we made this decision thinking of what would be best for our best little friend. 

Piper you enriched our lives in so many ways. I remember when Micah and I were thinking about getting a dog after our first year of marriage. I had never had a dog and I was so looking forward to seeing which little puppy would become apart of our family. We looked at the various breeds and we came to the decision that we wanted a Shetland Sheepdog. We found a breeder in the Houston area and as we drove to see you, we prayed that God would help us pick the best little puppy for us. The choice ended up not ours....but yours. Yes, you my dear Piper chose us. As we approached the gate and it opened you came hopping towards us, like a little bunny, only about 7 weeks old. You were the most precious little ball of fur we had ever seen! Your paws were white and your hair was as fluffy as could be. You came up to me and rolled over for me to rub your belly and we knew, you were the one. The little dog who would change our life forever. We signed all the nessasary papers and then headed off to Petsmart to get everything we needed for you. I remember being so proud holding you around the store. You were simply adorable. I loved how you would walk around and smell everything and I believe you had a little accident in the store. The first of many :) We got home and made you a little area to sleep on and then we headed out for dinner to celebrate. When we got home you were sitting in the exact same place! You never destroyed anything and you always had such a loving spirit about you from the beginning. We lived on the third floor and so getting you to learn how to go up and down the stairs was an adventure and it made me scared half to death! I was so worried you were going to fall. You did well with the guidence of your Daddy and soon you were running up and down as fast as you could! There was a set of landscaping bushes around where we lived and a small patch of grass that soon became your favorite place to run and play. You would zoom through the bushes zig zagging in and out as fast as you could. We would sit and play in the sun and you would roll over for me to rub your belly as you laid back, closed your eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the sun. On one of your first visits to the doctor you bolted out as fast as you could from the office and went running into a field and I was chasing after you so afraid I would loose you. You came back to me and I still to this day never forgot what it felt like trying with all my night to catch you and keep you safe. As you grew up, you began chewing on things....like the wood outside on the balcony - that was a fun memory for sure. You always were so watchful over us. If anyone was even walking near our place, boy would you ever bark! It is funny. There were times your barking was about to drive us crazy after awhile but now, I would give anything to hear you bark again, even for just a second. I remember the hair that you would leave everywhere. There was no amount of hair rollers that could compete with you! And again, now, all I want is to rub my hands through your hair and remember the feeling once more. I wish I could be there to play tuggie with you, give you another peanut butter kong, feel you sleeping at our feet. But these are memories I will always hold dear. So you see, Piper while you may be gone from us now, you are far from it. You remain in our hearts and in our memories that we will carry on and she with Michaela. My mom told me the story the other day about her dog Tuesday. And Michaela will someday tell funny stories about you to her children. So you are not lost from us, we are enriched and made better because you were apart of our lives. That is something pretty special. I do not want to think about what would have happened if we never decided to get a dog. So many memories would have never been made. So thank you for choosing us on that day to care for you and to love you. I hope we gave you a good life and I hope you knew always just how much we loved you....and still do. 

We cannot be there today to say goodbye and this pains my heart. My Mom, Lek and my Dad will be there to rub your head, sing to you and tell you what a good boy you have been to us. I like to think that God knows our hearts and he cares about what is special to us. He created you and maybe someday, you and I will be together again in heaven. Today as I was driving back from taking Daddy to work, I chose to go another route home. It was one I used to run and a way home I sometimes like to take. As I was turning the roundabout, there where two women walking 3 shelties. I could not believe my eyes. I of course broke down and cried then in such amazement, I turned around and drove back a few times just to be sure I was seeing this. And yes, there they were 3 lovely, beautiful shelties who looked just like you! I said goodbye to you and talked to you watching them as if you were right there with me. When I told Daddy about it, he said there where 3 shelties each representing what you meant to Daddy, Me and Michaela. I think he was right. I will always remember that road and the "3 Pipers" I saw today. God has a wonderful way of easing our pain and seeing them helped me greatly. 

You are with us always....rest well sweet Piper. 



So beautiful! NOTHING like a dog!
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