The Little Bears: Blog en-us (C) The Little Bears (The Little Bears) Tue, 06 Oct 2015 17:31:00 GMT Tue, 06 Oct 2015 17:31:00 GMT School Days! I cannot tell you how much I love my school time with M!! This past year when she was in Prek was a wonderful time for us to connect here at home and at the same time it was a time for M to really flourish and learn so much at school. I am LOVING homeschooling her and I get so excited to see all the new books and learning games coming in each week! It's my goal to finish her little library up in her playroom soon. I need to go find the right baskets for the shelves this next week if possible. 


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It's been a LONG time!! After switching to another blog site, then back again, I am so happy to be writing blogs again about our little family. So much has happened since the last post I do not know where to start. What I plan on doing is going back through old photos and try to add stories and memories that I want to look back on. This of course will take some time but right now, I have time to do it. I am recovering from my surgery and I need to put this down time to good use! 


SOOO happy to be blogging again! 

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Garlic Girl... Today Kayla and I were cooking in the kitchen and she became my little garlic helper girl. She carefully helped me peel a huge amount of garlic and I was so proud. On the iTunes radio playing in the distance was Clair de Lune. I could not help but stop everything I was doing, watch her trying to peel this piece of garlic as best she could and hold that memory in my heart. I started to tear up thinking about all the times I will be cooking in the kitchen as she gets older and one day, she will be gone, out of the house and I just know the day will come when I am peeling a piece of garlic and I will remember these little hands, and this moment. I cannot get back this time I have with her right now. It is my mission each and every day to make the most of my days with my angel. I am beyond blessed to be Kayla's Mommy. A role I never knew would be so fulfilling. It has changed my life forever. 

I love you my little garlic matter what! 


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Rainbow girl To the left is Mommy's rainbow, and to the right, all on her own, here is little Kayla's rainbow!! :) Another masterpiece!! 


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Puzzle Princess! This was a new puzzle we tried yesterday. I was so proud of Kayla as she spelled out 11 words!! She put the puzzles together and spelled out each word. I am one proud Momma :) 

She made 11 words! SO proud of herShe made 11 words! SO proud of her

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Muffins, Mimi and Mommy! Yesterday we made some yummy pumpkin muffins! They were made with canned pumpkin, raisins, flaxseeds, hemp seeds, eggs, honey, hazelnut milk, almond flour and coconut oil.....and they were YUMMY!!! 

It was a precious time with my girl....I will cherish it always! 

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4+1 = Rice As part of Michaela's math lessons, we made up this song for addition. 1 +1 = 2,2,2....repeat and move to the next set....2+1 = 3,3, get the idea. She loves it and it has helped her learn addition. Well tonight we were doing the Math song, as we call it and I was saying 4+1=5,5,5....she was at the table eating rice and her response to 4+1=....was..."RICE,RICE,RICE".....we bursted out laughing and she thought it was pretty funny as well. I have to say it was quite creative. I love this age and this moment in our life for a thousand reasons. I just wish I could freeze this moment forever....

So now you know, 4+1=Rice! Who knew :) 

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Finally feeling Normal again!! ;) I am so very grateful for this day!! My back is feeling stronger and I finally feel as if the hard time in my life is going to be over SOON!! The back brace is really helping me and I feel so encouraged this morning. Thank you for your prayers, I know they have helped me. 

What a crazy month this has been!! I will be so happy when I am back out on the trails with Kayla, going to our playgroups together and enjoying the lovely fall season here in Norway. 

I have a lot of catch up on with my blog posts. I am trying my best to organize the thousands of pics we have and get them all up as soon as possible. I am excited too as my new phone will be here next week! I cannot wait :) I have the new 5s coming and the photo/video quality is supposed to be amazing. I take so many pics of Kayla with school is going to be a huge blessing for me. I am loving photography so much and I am very excited to try out the new phone and see all the fun things I can do with it. Thank you Micah my dear :) 

We are looking forward to a fun weekend together and hopefully, we will have some great weather so we can go out and explore some. I want to make the most of this time we have in Norway while we can. I do not know when we will be leaving so I want to see as much as I can, especially this winter! 

SOOOO wonderful to be feeling this good again. Praise be to God! xx 

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A fun day on the farm! It was a fun day on the farm here in Norway. We had visitors from all over! There was a cat on the roof, an alligator....or crocodile who tried to come to help. A police lady who was trying to oversee the whole thing and tigger who decided he loved the windmills. 

There was Queen Mommy ( as K says) and little Kayla and all of their friends gathered together for a day of fun at the farm!! It was wonderful and I have to say, I will never forget it :) 

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Thank you Grandma!! This morning as I was hanging up some of Kayla's clothes, I asked Kayla who buys her all of her clothes. She said...."GRANDMA!!" I said, Well what about Mommy? And she said again, "No, it is Grandma!!" 

I just wanted to thank you Mom for buying all of these beautiful clothes for Michaela. It has been so very kind of you to do so :) 

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Super Duper Soup! This is my "I gotta get better SOON soup"....hope it works! 

It is chicken soup with an Asian twist! The soup was made with a whole chicken, loads of garlic, fresh ginger, onions, carrots, kale and Chinese 5 spice blend. The kick came from my Momma Lek's amazing chili sauce she makes!! A big mix of garlic.....and LOADS of it, fresh Thai red chilies and fish sauce. One the soup base is done, we added in Mung bean noodles and lime juice....I like a bit of vinegar too, and you have one big bowl of amazing spicy goodness sure to get me back to feeling normal again :) It feels so good to be cooking again. I cannot wait to make more soups, currys and some great dishes this next week. I want to make another Dhal soon. I just love lentils. Maybe a good red Dhal will be perfect for this weekend with some roasted curried veggies! 

YUMMY soup!YUMMY soup!


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The Daddy "Are" Yesterday, Kayla and I were going through the sight word flashcards and I came to the word are. I asked, what is this word. Kayla's response...."That is Daddy, working out!!" 

HILARIOUS!!! So happy that she sees her Daddy working out, and I love the example that it sets for her. I love her imagination, it is just so incredible at this age. Another reason why this time is beyond priceless to us. Truly....

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This moment is priceless and passing by so fast! I read this from a homeschooling page....

"Childhood is short and fleeting - and important - don't let them miss the opportunity to fully experience it and be a child during those very important golden years."

SO TRUE!! I never, ever want to forget this....

Farm time!!Farm time!!


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Daddy and Kayla's Butterfly! This weekend Daddy and Kayla made a few butterflies together. I do not know who enjoyed it more, Kayla or her Daddy :) Seeing my two loves together like this just makes my heart so happy. It was truly priceless. We are so aware these days that we cannot get this time back with Michaela, so we are trying as best as we can to cherish the smallest moments together for many times, they are the greatest :) 


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Monday School time... Today for school, we started off drawing, then we did some fun "shopping" around the house. We used Kayla's little cash register and she brought me items from the house that she wanted to buy. Sound familiar Mom??? It was so much fun. After this we used the new Janod magnet kit we got to make faces of different people. This game is so great and she just loved it, I did too! :) 

After our funny face time, we made a kite!! I cannot say this enough, I just adore my days with my girl. I am savoring every second. 



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A few goodies that Daddy brought back! Micah brought back a few new things for our Kayla on this past trip to the US. I am so very excited to use these new games with her as part of our school time and I love the new clothes as well, especially the doctors coat and kit. Too cute. He also brought back for us the new Preschool program for Kayla. We were using the Pre-K 3 program from Horizons along with the Kumon series and now, she will be progressing to the Pre- K 4 program and we are going to start the Kindergarten Health Studies program as well. He also brought back more Kumon craft books to do during our art/crafts time in school. I just love schooling her and LOVE all the amazing tools that are out there to help make the most of our school time together. The games are wonderful as they provide a free play time for Kayla but a great learning opportunity as well. Very in line with the Montessori way of learning. 


So I guess you could say Christmas came a little early this year!!!! I think we are all loving it! Thanks Mom and Dad for housing all of this and taking care of all the packages :) More to come :) 

Mom and Dad, thank you SO MUCH for this precious outfit you got Kayla!! We love it!! 


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Daddy is finally home!! Our world is now complete. Our Daddy is back home! 

Here is Micah and little K curled up together, Micah sound asleep with jetlag and K just has happy as can be to be in her Daddy's arms once again. 

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A tea party at the castle.  

Kayla set this up the other day all on her own and I just thought it was the sweetest thing ever....

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What makes the grass grow? Today during our playdough time, Kayla wanted to make a castle with green grass. As I was making her the grass, I asked her "what makes the grass grow?" Her response......."Jesus." 

You know what, there are about 10 different things she could have said, but I have to say, this was my favorite! I have been teaching her about creation and how God made the world around us. I guess she is really soaking it up :) 

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CAT!!! Well today she did it!! On her own, without me holding her hand, or helping, Kayla wrote the word CAT!! And the best part is that she knew from memory how to spell it too! I am so impressed! She has been working on writing her name but this was a big surprise. I am so very proud of her and I am SO HAPPY I was able to be there right by her when she did this for the first time. My word I love homeschooling my baby girl. Such a blessing! 

She did it!! Today she wrote ALL by herself CAT and she even new how to spell it!!She did it!! Today she wrote ALL by herself CAT and she even new how to spell it!!

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